Solutions Architecture: The Architectural Design Professionals for You

Solutions Architecture are a small but experienced team who have over 30 years experience in the industry.

We specialise in all areas of residential and commercial design. We are a Licensed Building Practitioner License No. 100019.

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Whatever your Architecture project, we can help

Whether you need an architect, designer, feasibility studies, or site observations and documentation. We have experienced staff to carry out the work for you.

Our Architectural Services

Work in site choice
Establishment of site constraints
Planning zones
Council or Territorial restrictions
Building size and bulk

Initial design phase after taking your brief
Plans, Elevations, Site plan
3D renders
Hand sketched artist renders

Amend sketches in line with comments for change
Prepare more details for planning purposes
Plans ready for Resource Consent lodgement (by consultant planner)

Working drawings ready for Building Consent and Costings
Detailed specification, materials and performance criteria of materials to be used in the project
Collate and append all consultant documentation, such as structural, fire design, geotechnical, acoustic, hydraulic, mechanical. Thermal efficiency report, bracing design and truss design
Fill out all Council lodgement forms and lodge for consent
Answer council RFI’s

Contract procurement, novated contract or tender services
Formulate contract and facilitate signing of contract with Main Contractor
Site meetings, processing of payment claims, issuing of variations
Compiling and applying for Code Compliance Certificate

The Architectural Design Team

Are you looking for the top designer architect in Auckland? Mark Brown is an Assessor of Architectural Practitioners for the Department of Building and Housing, holds a current Department of Housing Design License, and has been in the industry for over 20 years.

With over 30 years of experience each, the ADNZ award winning team at Solutions Architecture are the dream team for bringing your architectural design concept ideas into reality.

What happens when you contract Solutions Architecture to help with your architectural design?

Depending on at what point ion the architectural design process you are in, we can help you in different ways.

If you want to work with us from the beginning, bringing your architectural design ideas to life then we can help from start to finish.

When you need a desiger architect, who can help you through every aspect of planning, designing, and actioning your dream home Solutions Architecture is the choice for you. Solutions Architecture can be there from the beginning, to help you establish site constraints, planning zones, and any council or territorial restrictions that may affect your property. Whilst we are not architects we have all the required skills and experience to bring your project to life. Architectural Designers are trained in a practical way to produce quality cost effective solutions to your brief.

We take your brief and enter the initial design phase; creating -plans, elevations, and site details. This includes 3D renders and hand sketched artist renders of what the finished building will look like.

When you have gone through your initial sketches your architectural designer will amend the plans until they meet with your approval. As a team we will prepare the details needed for planning. Through the use of a consultant planner we will make sure that your plans are ready for Resource Consent lodgement.

Sketch Plans

The documentation aspects of architectural design and planning your project is extensive. We take care of as much of the paperwork as we can.

Preparing your working drawings to be ready for Building Consent and Costings, including detailed specifications, materials and their respective performance criteria. We prepare all of your consultant documentation – structural, design, geotechnical, acoustic, hydraulic, and mechanical. We also prepare your thermal efficiency report, as well as the bracing and truss design. We fill out all council lodgement forms and lodge for consent, as well as answering any council RFIs.

Solutions Architecture also work for you in terms of contract procurement, novated contract or tender services. We formulate the contract and facilitate the signing of it with your Main Contractor. We organise site meetings, process payment claims, and issue variations. Carry out defects’ inspections and issue practical completion and final completion certificates.

Finally, we compile and apply for the Code Compliance Certificate on your behalf.

With a service list this extensive, you know that your architectural design process is taken care of with a thorough and dedicated team like Solutions Architecture.

Why should I engage an architectural designer near me?

The best reason for you to engage an architectural design team who is familiar with your local area is simply that! When the architect you work with knows your area not only are they far more able to take your local council requirements into consideration but they will be able to create an architectural design which is enhanced and complemented by the local area.

Architectural Design for Residential and Commercial?

We have worked on homes from 60m.sq to over 1500m.sq, costing from $100,000 to over $6 million. We love designing homes because it makes us a part of making your dreams come true.

We can work with you on your ideal home, and help you see it through with as little stress as possible.

Our commercial architectural design is available to those wishing to develop a commercial site with a difference. Combining good functionality with contemporary and attractive aesthetics is out top commercial priority.