Commercial Design Architecture – How it differs from other architectural design

When it comes to commercial design architecture, make sure you choose the team who can best support your project needs.

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Commercial Design Architecture

Commercial building architectural design relies on the same skillset as residential architectural design services, but applied very differently. We pride ourselves here at Solutions Architecture on our ability to apply our experience and knowledge to whatever kind of project you are looking to complete. ‘

Regardless of the type of commercial building you are planning, the overall feel and design of the project is important to the end user – whether they are home owners enjoying their dream home, renters living in commercial residential spaces, or customers frequenting a store or specialist dementia care health facility.

What is the difference between residential and commercial design architecture?

Modern commercial building design takes into account the many factors in a commercial building that are simply less relevant to residential homes. While, of course, your home needs to be functional and easy to access it has less need of conferencing rooms, significant warehouse storage, and multiple offices while maintaining a company brand aesthetic.

Simple commercial building designs are great, so long as it gets the job done. However modern commercial façade design often needs to walk that line between function and beauty. When embarking on a new commercial building design, companies are finding more than ever before that their customers care deeply about the visual impact a new building will have on their neighbourhood. This is where commercial shop building design and new commercial building design in general need to modernize and ensure that their new build will satisfy not only the brand’s aesthetic, but will also complement the local area and let residents love the new building instead of fighting it.

Commercial architectural and interior design services

Before signing your architectural design services contract, it is vital that you understand exactly what services you need to be included with your architectural design services agreement. The number of architectural design services can vary between firms, so before you search for “architectural design services near me” make sure to have a firm grasp on what services are required.

Some firms can offer start to finish assistance with application lodgement and planning, the creative design process, and the implementation of the commercial architectural design while others do not at solutions architecture we have full design, documentation & construction facilities available. So, get in touch and see if we can be your “architect near me”.

Complexity of commercial building design plans

The complexity of commercial design architecture comes from the multitude of needs the building needs to service. The best commercial building design is therefore not necessarily the largest – a 5-storey commercial building design may well be worse suited to your needs than a 2-storey commercial building design. One of the benefits of engaging experienced professionals in commercial interior architecture is that they can help you assess your needs. Perhaps after discussing the functionality and usage of the building you will realise what you actually need is a 3-storey commercial building design.

Commercial refits also often include renovating the land which the building is built on which can require the use of commercial landscape architects. When dealing with a commercial refit, having an experienced professional to ensure that your end product fits well into the existing structure of the building is a vital step which prevents the refit looking out of place or mismatched.

What are the architect fees for commercial projects?

Typical architectural fees, commercial, can vary depending on the project complexity, the local economy, and other factors. The best way to get an accurate estimate for your architect fee is to get in touch and discuss the details of your project as they will all influence the end cost.

No matter what Architecture project, we can help

Whether you need an architect, designer, feasibility studies, or site observations and documentation. We have experienced staff to carry out the work for you.