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Our Architectural Services

Architectural and Interior Design Services Our Team Can Offer

When you are looking for a team to help you bring a dream to life, finding one which offers the right architectural design services is vital. Knowing what architectural design services, contract inclusions, and what is needed is the first step in creating a great working partnership.

Depending on what stage you are at with your design and build you may need different services, so get in touch to discuss exactly which services need to be included in your architectural design services agreement.

Work in site choice
Establishment of site constraints
Planning zones
Council or Territorial restrictions
Building size and bulk

The feasibility studies are a vital step in making your build come to fruition. We can help you to decide on your site and discuss any site restraints that might be present, as well as help you navigate planning zones and any council or territorial restrictions for the site location.

Initial design phase after taking your brief
Plans, Elevations, Site plan
3D renders
Hand sketched artist renders

The sketch plans stage of your build is a very exciting one. It is one of the most creative of our architectural and interior design services. By working with you and the brief you provide our team of architects and designers will put together a series of plans, 3D renders, and artistic hand drawn sketches for you to be able to see your building ideas evolve before your eyes.

Amend sketches in line with comments for change
Prepare more details for planning purposes
Plans ready for Resource Consent lodgement (by consultant planner)

After you have looked over the initial sketch plans, the next step in our architectural and interior design services is for you to advise us of any changes you’d like to make so that our architectural design team can make those amendments. Working together to collate the information and details needed for planning, as well as making those plans ready for the Resource Consent Lodgement by a trusted consultant, our team will help take your project from the planning stage to the action stage!

Contract procurement, novated contract or tender services
Formulate contract and facilitate signing of contract with Main Contractor
Site meetings, processing of payment claims, issuing of variations
Compiling and applying for Code Compliance Certificate

We can also assist with site observation and contract documentation, which can include but is not limited to contract procurement, contract signing, site meetings, and preparing to apply for Code Compliance Certificate.

Working drawings ready for Building Consent and Costings
Detailed specification, materials and performance criteria of materials to be used in the project
Collate and append all consultant documentation, such as structural, fire design, geotechnical, acoustic, hydraulic, mechanical. Thermal efficiency report, bracing design and truss design
Fill out all Council lodgement forms and lodge for consent
Answer council RFI’s

When the creative drawing is done and the working drawings begin. These working drawings need to be ready for building consent and costings. Additionally, this stage will see the specifics, the materials needed and what those material’s performance requirements are.

At this stage we will collate the consultation documentation which includes structural information as well as fire, bracing and truss design. Reports on the geotechnical, acoustic, hydraulic, and mechanical aspects of the build. Council lodgement forms and lodging for consent followed by answering any council’s RFI’s (Request Further Information).

Why finding “architectural design services near me” is important.

Having an “architect near me” might seem like a luxury, but really having your architect near you – or near where you are building – is important for a number of reasons.

Not only because they will know the local area, but also because familiarity with local legislation and councils will mean that they will be able to ensure that your build goes smoothly. Having your professional locally involved will help in every step of the architectural and interior design services you engage us for.

You could also engage your architectural designer for site observation and / or contract administration. Having them close to the site is obviously an advantage.

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No matter what Architecture project, we can help

Whether you need an architect, designer, feasibility studies, or site observations and documentation. We have experienced staff to carry out the work for you.