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Answering your Architectural Design FAQ

The team here is deeply passionate about architecture, especially as it pertains to working with clients and their understanding of the process. So, have a read through these Architectural Design FAQ and get in touch if you’d like more information – we are always happy to discuss architecture.

What is the difference between architect and architectural designer?

There is a difference between an architect and an architectural designer. The biggest difference is that an Architect can only call themselves an architect if they have graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture degree, have at least three years of experience, and be registered with the New Zealand Registered Architects Board (NZRAB). In addition to these requirements, architects must also re-register with NZRAB every five years by proving that they are still competent in their work. An architect will also be a Licensed Building Practitioner.

An architectural designer on the other hand, is someone who has architectural training but is not registered as an “architect”, this can include recent graduates who are still working towards their three years of experience.
So, if you are an architectural graduate and you are asking “can I call myself an architectural designer?” The answer is – it depends. Check out the advice for graduates from NZRAB

What does an architectural designer do?

The simple answer to “what does an architectural project designer do?” is that they work on the creative process of design. An architectural designer is the person who is responsible for the creative and efficient design of buildings as commissioned by clients. The term covers a wide range of responsibilities, but as a general rule the architectural designer can help with putting together the creative plan of your building.

What you need to be an architectural designer?

If you are wondering how to become an architectural designer (NZ) then the best course of action for you is to look into your local higher education providers. There are educational requirements including a Bachelor of Architecture, completion of registration examinations, and experience in the industry. If you are looking to work overseas then make sure you look at the requirements for your desired country of work, because what you need to become an architectural designer changes from country to country. Some architectural designers have a NZDAT (New Zealand Diploma in Architectural Technology).

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