What is commercial residential building design?

Developing a good commercial residential building design is integral to the success of your commercial residential project, because the ‘customers’ of this commercial venture don’t only spend an hour or so there as they would a regular commercial project – they live there.

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What are the differences between commercial and residential building design?

Residential and commercial building design both rely on the application of good architectural services for two different markets. Residential building design may rely more on personal use functionality and personal aesthetics of the home owner. Commercial architectural design, however, is based on useability and mass functional design.

A commercial building is dependant on the way the public interacts with the infrastructure but also how the company functions within the physical space, and while the company commissioning the building will need the building to adhere to certain brand aesthetics, it is not the primary concern and may well be regulated more stringently by local councils and government regulations.

Commercial buildings can often be subject to a wide range of local and national governmental decrees and restrictions. These can run from environmental impact and eco-friendliness, to the visual design of the building itself. Many communities are becoming more aware of the impact of commercial buildings in their daily lives, and as such want to ensure that anyone coming into their community is going to enhance it and make it better.

Good commercial residential building design

Ensuring that your commercial residential building design is functional as well as appealing on a personal level may well be the secret to your venture’s success. No one wants to live in a building that is hard to get around and has functional issues.

Engaging an architect who is experienced in commercial residential building design can have a major impact on how pleasant it is to live in your project building. Making sure that your end result is pleasant for the people who will be using it most – your tenants – is a big step in the right direction to ensure a long lasting and productive business venture.

Good architectural design can save you money in the long run.

Good commercial residential building design can actually be a good way to save on future costs. If your building allows the people living there to move around freely there will be eventual less wear and tear on the building.

Say, for example your commercial residential building is an apartment block which sees 20 tenants moving in and out once a year. That accounts for 40 moving in days, and 40 moving out days. Over the course of those 80 days, having a stair well which has been well designed by your architect can help prevent incidental damage which you may be forced to repair at your own cost.
Or if you are planning a hotel with hundreds of guests a week walking up and down the stairs, your architect will be able to advise you on correct material choices so that you won’t be replacing the staircase in a long and costly renovation in just a few years.

In addition to consumer use cases, having the right architectural design can help minimise maintenance costs when environmental concerns are taken care of early in the design phase.

These are all minute details and overarching them all is the fact that when your tenants are happy, living in well thought out and functional spaces, they are more likely to be good tenants and people are much more likely to want to reside there. Having good commercial residential building design can help make the venture not only run smoothly, but also boost your marketability to consumers.

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